Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need to hit the books

I've been out of school for six weeks now, and haven't really done any studying.  I know I need to get back to it, because this fall is supposed to be the hardest semester for us, and I don't want to be rusty at any of the skills, diseases, or concepts covered last year.  We have a remediation packet that is provided by the people who did our final exam this past spring, and I plan to download that to go over the questions and concepts that I didn't score well on.  I also want to go over the Powerpoints from the past two semesters, and look up the terms and concepts that I am not comfortable with.  I have three NCLEX books that I can review and do questions out of, as well.  I have a copy of last fall's Nursing 3 syllabus, and I guess I could start going over that, too. 

It's just hard to find time when I'm not busy with the kids, cleaning the house, or cooking a meal.  Since there is no pressure to do schoolwork right now (the first time in two years for me), it makes it hard for me to actually do it.  I am in the middle of cleaning out my office right now, so maybe having a clean space to study in will be enough motivation.

Does anyone have any tips for what to review over the summer break?

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