Sunday, August 29, 2010

...Here We Go!

Nursing III starts for me tomorrow. I have made sure the house is clean, the pantry and fridge are stocked, meals are planned for the week, childcare has been arranged, and all of the PowerPoints and assorted notes that were posted this weekend are all neatly organized in my binder. I have everything that I need in my backpack: a fresh supply of ink pens and notecards, my new Trapper Keeper with dividers that are labeled for each of my classes, my adorable Lilly Pulitzer planner, and my MacBook and power cable. I still need to plan my outfit for tomorrow and pack my lunch. Class starts at 8:00, but enrollment is up by 40% at my school this year, and due to construction, a lot of parking is blocked off. So, I will try my best to arrive on campus by 7:30.

We have already been given several files to print and take to school with us tomorrow and Tuesday. Tomorrow is orientation all morning, then lab packets and concept map planning in the afternoon. Tuesday, I believe we have our first lecture on Role of the Nurse, then will do some math practice in the afternoon. Wednesday, we start hospital orientation, and my regular lecture and clinicals will take place beginning next week. I guess there's no easing into it this year...

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